Tummy, I am the boss!

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Stony finished his lunch at the table but Suzi still had some on her dish. We usually try to finish our dish before Stony finishes to not attract him to the food again. I tried to take his mind off and started to draw with him, but noted he shooted a glance at Suzi’s dish couple of times. Then I suddenly heard a whisper from Stony. I asked him, what he said,  since he had been whispering very silently.

„I’ve been just telling my tummy: Tummy I am the boss!”

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How smile helps

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Did you know that when you move your facial muscles to express emotions or to speak, the movements sparks a signal to the heart to regulate itself to match the face’s expression. If the facial movement is a smile, the brain recognizes a safe situation and inhibits or puts the break on fight-flight. The heart and organs can now operate in a slow, well-regulated manner. It a threat is perceived, the fight-flight system is quickly engaged, the face expresses shock, and social exchange releases the fight-flight break. The heart pumps faster, and organs are shut down to allow energy to move the arms and legs. Read More