Low carb almond meal crepes

Thank you for your support and sharing:

We are originally Hungarians and one of our traditional dish called “Hortobagyi palacsinta”. It is a kind of very savory meat stuffed crepe what is very smooth and very creamy. I think it is one of the perfect invention from my country 🙂 and my children love it!
These crepes are very good and can be very versatile as can be used with different fillings also salty or sweet. These crepes are very easy to make, they are soft and have a great taste! You can just roll them up with a slice of cheese an ham and off you can go!

..Originally it is made with grain-flour but I had an idea and swap the flour with almond flour since we do not eat gluten and try to avoid carbs as much as we can.  The result was excellent!

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