Low Carb Flax Seed Bread

Thank you for your support and sharing:

For 3 years, since we have switched to gluten free and low carb diet I am trying to make a good gluten free/low carb bread and finally I can make one what I am happy with!  It is made of flaxseed meal what you can easily buy in your local shops and flaxseed is full of protein!
It is moist, it is soft, it has no gluten! One slice is less than 1 carb and 6.5 g protein!
The on hand preparation is only 15 minutes! Read More

Low Carb Cloud Bread

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Low Carb Cloud Bread has about 35 calories and practically zero carb
It takes about 25 minutes and is all ready to gobble all up!
I prepare this Low Carb Cloud Bread every once in awhile for my family…we all love it!

Here is the way I prepare it : Read More