Stony and his curly vanilla ice cream..:)

Thank you for your support and sharing:
Once a year..Stony asks for a real vanilla ice cream from the shop…” know mumy..that curly vanilla ice the cone..”he asked.

He really wanted it..and I knew he has to get it this time. He never gets and never asks any candy/chocolate/sweet treats or carbs from the shop only what I bake for him every day..and he is proud of it.( He knows what sugar and carbs mean to him.)So he was over the moon and loved the magical moments with his very own big vanilla ice cream.

But just to tell you how clever our boy was, after eating like the 1/5 of the ice cream he gave it to me happily and told: thank you mum, it was enough.
He is absolutely aware of the damage and bad effect sugar (and carb) makes him and he knows it does not worth to risk.
Way to go Stony..we are so proud of You!!!

This is why you make me even more inspiration to cook and bake the best low carb dishes for you my love!
So now I am eager to search and experiment the best low carb vanilla ice-cream recipe..LOL!!! 🙂