French skipping

Thank you for your support and sharing:

We have bought a french skipping elastics to try at home I thought it would be a very good fun for Suzi who is always skipping and hopping and popping and bubbling 🙂 They have never played with it yet I wanted to show them this funny very old classic game. It is also good to have this game for english homes, because when it is rainy outside you just stretch the elastic between two chairs and the child can jump and move also inside the house ! 🙂

Suzi liked it very much at the first sight! she was shouting and she was amazed… something that makes sense to all her jumps 🙂 Stony also liked it very much and was very interested about the game. I showed them some tricks and jumps and then Suzi has started. She loved it. Stony was still sitting and watching us with a smile and he told: Mum the next is my turn.

I was a bit anxious how he will cope with it, since Stony can not yet jump with two legs but not even sipping with one leg to another. I did not want to cause him anxiety and dissatisfaction.

For the first one minute he was just standing next to the elastic and was trying to jump. He tried to fling himself up to jump, but he made only a 1 cm jump with a big big effort. He started to get upset and was asking me: Mum, why I can not jump? Mum, why I can not do it? He has got very anxious and very impatient with himself and finished in an outburst. He was crying for like 10 minutes meanwhile Suzi was happily skipping and experimenting french skipping.

I told Stony do not worry, not every child can do this even for me it is a very hard job..what is absolutely true! 🙂

But Stony does not give up the things easily. He settled a bit, stood up wiped his tears and went back and told this is my next turn!

He invented a new french skipping technique, it is a kind of funny dancing with with the elastic rope. 🙂

He stepped in, stepped out, he turned, whirled, spinned… in-out-spin-whirl-in-out… 🙂 and he was enjoying it! I was clapping my hand to him and was laughing… his performance was really funny and the best thing that he was moving!!! He was doing exercise without even noticing 🙂

We have been playing it for more than 40 minutes it was a very good PA session at home 🙂 outside was raining!

So yes, french skipping ropes can be still good for children with balance or coordination problems, it they are encouraged to enjoy it in another way! 🙂

Since this time, French skipping is Stony’s one of his  favorite  activity :)!