Spatial Awareness

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Stony has a poor balance and poor spatial awareness. For this reason he often he appears clumsy and often bump into others and he does not like to go to the playground in the school.

In the school there are some teachers who tell him: go to play! But he can not!

He needs to be with somebody he seems to be lost alone. He needs to be close to a teacher to feel safe in a spacious area moreover when there are children running and playing.

So I am trying to make his teachers to understand about Stony’s poor spatial awareness and asking them to not send him to play, when he needs a safe point outside.

Stony now is on the second year, but on his first year in school Stony was scared of the playground in school! It took one year for us and the team to make him a bit confident outside there and go out by grabbing a teacher’s hand. By the end of the first year he was able to play a bit alone on the playground on his better days. It was so good when I went to pick him up and peeped out of the window to see him playing a bit, he was always with one of the teachers playing very withdrawn, but at least enjoying himself a bit and having some fresh air and physical activity what is so important for him!