Stony and Suzi are drawing

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Stony can not draw like others can at his age. Stony is struggling with lots of fine and gross motor skills.

Since he can not control his hand fine motor skills he can not draw structured things, he can not draw a car a flower, people or a house..what and how he used to draw is mainly a results from of the act as he lets the pencil move in his hand…so his drawing are very different, often a mystery very interesting lines and shapes.

But he is aware of that he can not draw as his 5 yrs. old sister and when Suzi shows her drawings to me with dignity Stony used to stare at them…he never says anything bad or degrading just stares Suzi’s drawing like a miracle.

Suzi used to draw for Stony. Nice things, like Suzi is a princess Stony is a prince and they are holding each others hand… 🙂 X

Stony is always happy when he gets drawings from Suzi, but quite often he used to tear Suzi’s drawing apart with laughs. This is never for a bad intention only because it is so hard for him to understand why he can not do something similar.

Last time when Suzi draw something again for Stony she wanted to be very nice to him and told him:

Stony I draw you a nice picture! -and then she added with a big smile and loving voice: And Stony, you can tear it apart!!!

Suzi understood that for Stony tearing her drawings apart means some special relief. She knows and feels it is not because Stony does not like her drawings. She accepted the fact that Stony likes her drawings even he tears them apart.

Children can have the wisdom and acceptance more than adults.