Salivary abnormalities in Prader-Willi Syndrome

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Thick, sticky viscous saliva is a consistent finding in patient with PWS.
Since Stony was born we have realized that his saliva is not normal and beside making some troubles for  him by crusting at his mouth corners even worst when his mucus can not come out of his nose as it literally dries inside his little nostrils and stucks there and causes him lot’s of troubles. His nostrils are tight (as usually all PWS children’s) and as for weak fine motor skills he can not really blow his nose either. So when a dry mucus ( what we funnily call a little “kitty”:) dries inside his nostril can cause him lot’s of troubles, discomfort and insufficient breathing for a whole day.

The good thing and what I would like to share with you is that since Stony is a little boy we have found a very simple tool what we use for cleaning his nostrils: the NUK nasal aspirator.   (see attached pictures)
Honestly we have found this the best, the most easy to use, easy to carry or wash..and as being absolutely a manual nasal aspirator has no annoying, loud sound  (in the middle of the night..) what would be hard to tolerate for those with sensory issues…and it has a very good sucking force!
This is something we need every day for Stony…and we would be in a big trouble if this little stuff would disappear for only for one day!
Stony is also struggling with pollen allergies and of course when he gets sinusitis and due to his blocked nose he can not breath properly.. that would make him feel very bad..he does not get enough oxygen and makes him very irritated.

So it is just a recommendation a useful trick from me to you,  costs around $ 4-5 ….if your child lets you to do it than try ! it safes you and your child a lot’s of headache…and some sleepless nights. 🙂

nuk nasal