Autumn flu and Prader Willi Syndrome

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And autumn is here again… with all the bacterias and viruses..and dump weather here in England for sure. When autumn starts here in England we automatically start to worry for Stony again. He is catching everything much easier and even a tiny flue makes him devastated and knocked out for at least a week!
PWS children also have weakened immune system, tight airways and restrictive ventilatory impairment and respiratory muscle weakness. So when Stony catches a flu it makes him really bad and makes us so worried.

While Suzi it takes 3 days for Stony it takes 10 days to overcome a flu. And Suzi is still playing, jumping, functioning meanwhile but Stony gets out of himself.
So Stony has got a virus couple of days ago and all the family has got it for now. But Stony is devastated again. He does not like to blow his nose out as he is very worried of nose bleeding so with his basically tight airways packed with mucus he can hardly breath. He is panting his mouth is open all the time his saliva is licking..he is very static..hardly moves.
It is interesting that we have realised that Paracetamol hardly helps Stony’s fever or pain. Ibuprofen what helps him instead. But we have to be aware that Ibuprofen is a very controversial drug mainly for special need I would be very careful better avoiding or using just a very low dosage. Also lot’s of studies analysing Ibuprofen causing Autism what you should read and make your research.
Also read about the dangers of using ibuprofen after the MMR vaccination for children!
In the dump, cold Autumn Stony used to start asthmatic/bronchitis cough what stays for all the winter. This used to cause him/us lots of discomfort mainly at night when it has made us wake up sometimes every hour!
I have been doing some research couple of years ago and red about the importance of vitamin D if somebody has asthma or bronchitis.
So we have given it a try and started to give Stony 1000 IU vitamin D.
It was a miracle! It was December and his bad cough what he was suffering for years from October to May has gone COMPLETELY in 5 days.
From that time on when autumn starts we start to give him 500-1000 IU vitamin D daily and no cough anymore!!! 🙂
Also chewable vitamin C 3000 IU daily is important!
What is important to know that children with PWS and also children with Sensory Processing Disorder would not tell or not every time tell you when they have a pain.
It can be linked to the high pain treshold they might have.
Beside PWS children with their narrow airways are prone to have respiratory infections.
Stony had a bad ear infection in the winter time couple of years ago but he never told us his ear hurts. Only at the night emergency after a doctor looking inside his ears we realised his fever and overall bad condition is due to his ear infection.
So many thinks to be alert, to be aware.
It worth to read about all these issues and educate ourselves these issues are so much linked together..
We and can avoid dangerous situations and spear lot’s of discomfort for our child and for all the family!
Autumn flu and Prader Willi syndrome