Some amazing handy tricks to make your carbs healthier!

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When there is a child in the family with a strict diet it is very important to understand and know how we can help and support our child, in keeping, accepting and doing his best for his health.
A child with restricted calorie or carb intake means a huge challenge for parents and child, even more when significant health issues and development depend on the the child’s diet.

This is the reason we gathered three very useful information and handy hacks below to make our child’s favorite food a bit healthier!

1. Refrigerate and reheat!
New research has found that cooling and reheating certain carbs makes them better, healthier.
Foods like white rice, pasta, potatoes can have high glycemic index ( high GI ) score and when eaten are absorbed very quickly by the body causing the insulin hormone spike to level out blood glucose. This rapid rise and fall of blood glucose levels is the reason you might feel hungry shortly after eating.

What happens is that by cooking and then cooling pasta, potatoes or white rice changes the structure of the carbs into “resistant starch” ( resistant to digestion). But resistant starch burned as energy in the colon and at the same time helps to sustain healthy gut bacteria!

Just to give you an idea: by toasting frozen white bread, its GI score is lowered by 39%! Massively reducing the spike in blood sugar!


2. Cook Rice with Coconut Oil!

Researchers discovered a groundbreaking way of cooking rice that reduces the calories!
You have to add Coconut Oil to the boiling water! ( 3% coconut oil of the weight of the rice we are cooking), before you cook the rice!
Once you have cooked it, cool it for 12 hours before eating it.

The research shows that this simple trick can decrease the calories of the rice by as much as 60%!


3. Chose barley for a grain!
In case you at not in Gluten Free diet, swapping regular grains for barley has many benefits for the health!
Barley is high in fibre, antioxidants it has many health benefits. In a study at Lund University in Sweden, barley was found a better regulate people’s metabolism for up to 14 hours, while decreasing blood sugar and insulin levels for improved appetite control. Also the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes was reduced.

Hope these tips help you to navigate a bit better with the starchy foods and help you to make your dish even more  healthy and perfect!

My extra tip: We only eat a gluten free homemade bread I am happy to share my recipe with you here soon! This bread is just so easy and quick to bake you only need 10 minutes on-hand preparation and 15 minutes of baking. This bread is perfect to freeze, I put the slices in a plastic food container and put it to the freezer right after I baked them and cooled them. They are soft inside and crunchy outside we all love them 🙂