Stony has just started to manage his snacks!

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Stony is undoubtedly growing up. He is 10 years old now and yes, he is massively changing!
The little boy who needed all my help, support and attention still just 1 year ago, by now is dramatically changing and wanting to be independent.
When your (special need) child first in his life tells you: “ mom thanks I can do it alone!” hits you. Slams you. Punches you.
As we special need parents get used to our mission and role so much. We have made such a strong and deep commitment with our destiny, we have fought so much on accepting it,  that when you first realize things are changing it makes you kinda confused..and intimidated and lost. But this ambivalent feeling does not last for long..since the commitment we have taken was to serve, help and support our special need child and help him to get ready for LIFE. Help him in everything what makes him/her better, bigger, stronger, smarter and of course more independent.

So since Stony has started the 5th grade he came to me with the idea: ” Mom I would like to choose and prepare my snack and lunch what I take to school.”
Stony being on an extremely strict low carb, gluten free, very clean and and very limited and highly monitored diet since he was born, this wish of him kinda made me gasp for a second.
Knowing Stony as a very responsible dude when it is about food though  ( as the food security in our house since he was born is very important ) I thought, O.K. Let’s give it a try!
Our approach to Stony is always sourcing from a very strong trust and “can do it” attitude and we tend to give him the credit in everything.
Also I thought it is time for Stony to take some responsibility and start to control his own food.
Think, decide, do and take the consequences. This is how he is going to learn more and more.

So I told  him : ” O.K. Stony, from now on you do your own snacks. You choose you decide but before you put it to your backpack let me to check your choices..” He agreed.
Now after 6 weeks since school has started I can tell you our collaboration with Stony works great so far.
He knows he has to be very careful and his snack beside some carbs and protein has to have a big part of fresh fruits. So he at the same time is learning the nutritional values of his food.
I obviously keep a close eye on his assignment in the kitchen and when I ( very rarely! ) see him putting something what would be inappropriate ( instead of 1 protein bar he puts 2 protein bars, or he snitches a tiny piece of chocolate to the box ) I talk to him and warn him. These talks are never easy since I have to over evaluate his decision what is extremely hard to tolerate for PWS individuals. But these are opportunities and challenges for him to learn more and improve his awareness about food.
So I highly encourage every special need parent to give the credit to their kids if case the very sensitive diet and apetite issues and/or obesity is still under control!
Special need kids crave for challenges, responsibility, feeling important and being able to manage and dominate their life.

Let me to share with you one of his choice from last week, that has made me laugh loudly in the morning.
He put these tree items to his box ( you can see them on the photo below):
-4 pieces of popcorns
-Tiny pieces of chocolate as a special treat –  he told.
– a piece of a dry scale of leak ( an kind of onion ) – for veggies..he told

Despite the fact his choices were wrong this time and absolutely not satisfactory for a normal healthy snack, I still loved the fact that he was trying his best…and he was so careful with his choices.  He had some carbs, proteins and some “fresh” veggie 🙂 hahaha
There is so much to learn yet..for me and for him..but keep it up can do it!