Carrying a special object everywhere they go

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Stony has his special object and this is a 30 inches long soft English Sheep dog called “Fluffy. He has been carrying Fluffy with him everywhere for 2-3 years already. The doggy called “Fluffy”,¬† since it is a really fluffy-shaggy soft toy dog.

He is really big ūüôā but he does not mind, he carries him everywhere we go.¬†

When Stony gets tired of carrying him he asks us to carry, but Fluffy always has to be with Stony or at his eye sight.

Fluffy gives Stony security and soothes him in the unexpected situations or unknown places and helps him to get out of meltdowns.

Fluffy is our important family member.

Stony needs him for sleeping, when waking up at night and going back to sleep, needs him always when we leave the house and needs him even more in the school. But ending a heavy meltdown without Fluffy is just impossible !

Before that Stony had another Fluffy what was just the same (only a bit smaller version)  but lost him in a market while shopping. We were panicked since we knew how much Fluffy meant for Stony!

Driven to despair I was looking for another “Fluffy” of the same kind on the internet, and by a miracle in 20 minutes found the same one, just the bigger version. When the parcel arrived in 2 days and we opened the box, it did not worry Stony that this Fluffy was bigger than the old one. Moreover! He was even¬† happier, since he could cuddle it and hide in Fluffy’s arms even better. It was so funny, at that time Stony was 5 years old and Fluffy was so big that completely covered Stony.

We have lots of funny stories about the doggy. Being so shaggy and fluffy the toy animal deceives the real dogs, they come to us barking and calling him to play, but he just lays lazily in our arms. Children stare at him confused and sometimes even the elder people get surprised believing Fluffy is a real dog.

Yes, Fluffy became an important family member for us and he is simply a lifesaver for Stony.

And Fluffy means for Stony much much more than only a soft toy friend because for sensory kiddos carrying a special object everywhere means a common sensory anchor and can be soothing and calming for them. It provides a sense of control within the environment, whereas the rest of the world can be very unpredictable, scary and uncomfortable place. This can also provide a comforting form of tactile input to the hands. 

Ideas to Help:

– It’s okay, let them do it!¬†

Respect it as a sensory need that assists with self-regulation.

– Try various fidget toys as alternatives.

– Stimulate overall self-regulation and vestibular input throughout the day.