Xmas present ideas for our special angels!

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Since our kids tend to be physically so static and their abilities and interest are very particular and can be also limited it is always a huge pleasure for us to notice that they find something to play with when some activity, game or toy makes them happy, distracted and engaged ..or even makes them stand up from the couch!

As parents of special little angels we feel a strong non-stop urge of constantly developing our child in every minutes of the day. We would like them to learn, flourish, experience as much they can and this strong natural parental feeling does not leave us in peace  as we want to recover and compensate.
We do not seat down to watch TV or read the newspaper unless we know our kids are completely OK, perfectly satisfied and possibly doing something what makes them happy and/or progress.
For me it was very hard to identify, understand and control this non-stop very frustrating feeling..and for years I was completely relaxed only, when Stony was sleeping.

Therefore I was always so grateful when I got a good tip for an activity what I can introduce for Sony and I took it as a miracle when I saw Stony being engaged and happy with an activity, toy or game.

For this reason I have been planning to gather up those activities, board games, toys what Stony liked or likes to play with and share these with you hoping that I will be a little bit of help for You.
Also Xmas is at the corner so it can be a good help for your list of Xmas presents 🙂
Next to each item I will put my age recommendation however it can differ depending on the abilities and mental level of the child.

Let’s start:

  1. IPAD ( For Ages 2+)

    We bought Stony’s first IPAD at the age of 4 as a Xmas present. We have been in a dilemma if is not too early, but OMG this was the best decision ever!
    He loves it from the first time. Now Stony being 9 yrs old, his IPAD is his big buddy!
    He plays with different skill development games, walks around the World on the Google street view App, watches and listens music on YouTube.
    I think when it is about a child with underdeveloped fine motor skills, delayed speech skills, processing difficulties these smart Apps mean an unmeasurable and brilliant help.
    Not even mention the important fact that while the child is ‘playing and learning’ we can have some free time for ourselves what is invaluable for us in our busy life.14799015839977
  2.  Playmobil ( For Age 2+ ) Playmobil is Stony’s most loved and used toys since he was 2 yrs, and he still spends hours playing with them!Playmobil play sets feature a variety of engaging and unique themes or “miniature Worlds” in which a child can spend endless hours creating imaginary play situations. The speciality of Playmobil toy sets are the two and three quarter inch toy figures with happy looking faces. Lots of different buildings can be constructed with these Playmobil sets, as they feature an easy to do locking-grid type of construction.
    Playmobil is a high quality toy and not cheap. You can start to buy a starting set for your child and see how they like it.
    Since Playmobil is like a miniature World, you can build all kind of real life scenarios, we often used it as a role-playing toys for explaining different situations for Stony.
    Fantastic help with for behavior issues or Autistic children!




  3. A Trampoline! (For Ages 2+)
    It has been proven that regular trampoline can regulate sensory skills, improve motor skills, rebounding muscle development, strengthens bones, reinforces joints, improves balance and fosters kinesthetic awareness. It has been also proven that regular trampoline use promotes weight loss and detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. However, many people do not realize that rebounding on a trampoline can dramatically improve the lives and behaviors of individuals with special needs!
    Oh so much I recommend this to all of YOU!
    Kids have overgrown their previous trampoline so this Xmas they get a Skywalker 10 inch one !!! Yayyy!tamp
  4. 4.  Magnetic toys like: Magformers and Geomag ( for Ages 3+)

    These were and are Stony’s most loved toys beside his Playmobil and his IPAD.
    Magformers is a system that continually and consistently educates and develops your child’s brain. This will give and exploration and discovery, limited only by your child’s imagination.
    Geomag is a magnetic construction toy. The original toy comprised bars with a magnet on each end. Magnetic forces hold the bars and spheres together, creating the possibility for many constructions.


    gomStony playing with his Geomag:



5. A fluffy soft toy!
Kids with sensory processing disorder like everything what is fluffy and fuzzy and they can fidget their hands on.
For Stony ( at age 3 ) with his anxiety issues to have this large size fluffy dog ( old english sheep dog ) was a HIT!
He loves it and was taking it with himself everywhere for 5 years!
He still have it and hugs it on his hard times or just when he needs a fluffy company. I think a nice fluffy soft toy can be a good idea for Xmas present.



Very important to encourage our kids to play different board games !
They improve attention, concentration, coordination and frustration tolerance.
Another plus is that playing games together is fun for everyone in the family and helps strengthen family bonds. Try it once a week and see what it does for your child and your relationship.
At this point let me to list for you some board games what have worked for us and Stony likes and willing to play with them with not problem:


  1. Chutes and Ladder  ( For Ages 3 + )
    Easy to play and understand very good board game for all the family!14799010023369
  2.  Memorie Game ( Pick up pairs ) ( For Ages 5+ )
    Very simple classical game, improves short time memory!14799010019937
  3.  Puzzles  ( For Ages 4+ ) 
    Improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory , setting small goals.14799010020358
    4. Twister ( For Ages 6+) 
    Makes your child stand up from the couch! and good fun for all the family!!!14799010019816
  4.  Jenga ( For Ages 3+)
    Improves attention, coordination fine motor skills.148044607572505.  Story Cubes ( For Ages 7+)
    I love this stuff! What more you want to ask for, for a child with a speech delay! 🙂
    Rory’s Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for all ages. With these story cubes anyone can become a great storyteller and there are no wrong answers. Simply roll the cubes and let the pictures spark your imagination!148044629831406. Mystery date 
    The object of the game is to acquire a desirable date, while avoiding the “dud”. The player must assemble an outfit by acquiring three matching color-coded cards, which then must match the outfit of the date at the “mystery door”.1480446915880014804469160572
  5.  Flash cards with site words and rhyming words.
    These Flash Cards are designed to develop pre-reading skills such as recognizing common words by sight and sound. Stony loves to play with them! We used to play with them a lot while Stony is in the bath..!14804469160051


Please write me your ideas about this topic and I would like to encourage you to write your own recommendation on activities, toys, games what our special kids like, so I can add to this list and other Moms can benefit from it ! 

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