Suzi’s Fairy World

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This is something so easy to do with you child..and brings you so much joy and love!
It makes your kid motivated..makes their fantasy amplify… improves their creativity… and gives them inner peace…
Start to build up this tiny indoor Fairy World with your just need a nice flower tub, soil… and the rest depends on your imagination…

Me and Suzi started to build up a little fairy world couple of months ago because Suzi loves fairies very much.
We are having so much fun by making our indoor fairy garden. We make all the tiny furnitures and decors ourselves. Suzi leaves messages for the fairy and as we have also made a tiny pencil the fairy is able to write answers back to her.
It is a beautiful and magical world..and i am so happy to experiment it with my daughter!
She is so makes her fantasy and creativity shine…!!!

You can also use this activity with your child to solve emotional them to get over a fear or anxiety…or get your child to do something what means a challenge…as the existence of the fairies makes them very motivated in a nice gentle way ..and the special bound with a magical fairy creates an inner joy!

You can see an example on my other writing how we use the existence of fairies to help on daily challenges:

Happy hair-washing with our “Hair washing Fairy” ! 🙂

Here are some pictures about our indoor fairy garden 🙂










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