Wish, believe… let the supermoon help You today!

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We as parents of super kids know that there are super powers out there… we have learned it and experienced it several times in our life.
These super powers help, guide and protect us and our children…! 

Today’s full moon is going to be a doozy, stargazers. You probably know by now that it won’t be any old full moon — in fact, this one is supposed to be a supermoon of which we won’t see again until 2034. It is the largest-appearing supermoon in 70 years!

Thanks to its proximity to earth, the moon will appear much brighter and larger than usual, but this won’t just be a sight worth seeing. Some believe that the spiritual effects of the moon intensify during a supermoon. In other words, any rituals performed during a supermoon may be felt more profoundly than they would otherwise.

The super moon gives us a positive opportunity what can increase your positive energy!

The supermoon pours down a tremendous amount of energy try to be in a calm state of mind to receive this positive effect. Whatever is going on in you body mind and spirit will be amplified.

Try to think positive thoughts do not argue and be angry…and organize your thoughts and goals..and the areas you want to change in your life!
This is the day when you get some extra energy to boost your powers, your consistency, your health, your hope…and your LOVE!
I think us being super-parents extremely need to use all the opportunities what can help us on our life..on our every day challenges.

When it gets dark with Stony and Suzi we will go out to the garden. We all have our own list of wishes!
(Kids were working on it hard today.)

We will read these wishes out loud to the super-moon. Yes.. we will pray to the moon.

Because we have to catch and use all the super-powers to help us to keep our hopes alive…and we need all the super-powers to give us strength and love for our super-life!

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