Tummy, I am the boss!

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Stony finished his lunch at the table but Suzi still had some on her dish. We usually try to finish our dish before Stony finishes to not attract him to the food again. I tried to take his mind off and started to draw with him, but noted he shooted a glance at Suzi’s dish couple of times. Then I suddenly heard a whisper from Stony. I asked him, what he said,  since he had been whispering very silently.

„I’ve been just telling my tummy: Tummy I am the boss!”

So he was just fighting with his big green monster…silently without noticing…since Suzi’s dish with food obsessed him.

Soooo important to help them and eliminate all kind of food around after the eating has been finished. With this simple action we can help them in their battle, help them to fight and win.