Tricks for control appetite

Thank you for your support and sharing:

Let me to share the tricks and tips for control appetite and triggers what have worked for us with Stony.
I hope to help you with these…or hope to give you some good ideas 🙂

  • Explain too much food is not healthy for the body. Teach him/her awareness. ( you can talk, draw, show pictures, small related movies etc.)
  • Tell the tummy: I am the boss! ( you can implement the way of thinking that he/she is the boss. Yes , he can control his hunger! Stony’s one of the strongest and best trick at this moment!  He used to tell his tummy: “tummy I am the boss!” )
  • REDUCE CARBOHYDRATES AND SUGAR AS MUCH YOU CAN! (  Carbohydrate/Sugar intake is a big factor what triggers hunger ! See my other posts regarding this very important topic! )
  • Let him/her to forget. ( he/she would ask for more or for some other treat, what would be out of diet and would mean extra calories and carbs. Sometimes you can go with the wind, and he/she would forget so you “forget” too. It is not the most fear trick I now, but sometimes in the interest of the child I think is OK. PWS children have usually bad short time  memory. So when he asks for some other food or treat sometimes I think is fine to tell him: That is fine, in a minute. And then “forget” it with him/her. ( anyway if he does not forget it he will ask it again! )
    I think sometimes it is OK to “forget” and spears some calories and carbs…
  • Fruits and veggies for snack . But watch out for their sugar content! Or home made keto snacks, check my recipes 🙂
  • Eliminate all kind of trigger possible (  also visually and also reduce and eliminate the smells when cooking and not even talking about food or playing with food. These will help them a lot! )
    At the table everybody should eat the same dish and give the less temptation for a PWS child with other foods.
  • Consistency ! ( time schedule in the diet! When and what he can eat. )
  • Give him as much power in this issue as much is possible without loosing the control and keeping the rules! The best for him/her is to learn to control themselves the earliest possible.